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Whether you're a doctor, dentist, hospital, health insurance company, hearing center, pharmaceutical company, or other business in the healthcare industry, you know capturing the attention of your market takes more than hanging up an 'open for business' sign. Attracting attention in today's competitive healthcare marketplace comes down to increasing your market awareness and brand recognition. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is through targeted promotional products and strategies that draw the attention you need for successful, doctor, dentistry, optical, chiropractic, health insurance, or pharmaceutical company marketing.

Increase your business by generating leads with cost-effective promotional products and strategies that drive appointments, sales, and donations. Serving clients coast to coast, Healthcare Marketing Agency has the expertise to implement doctor, hospital, health insurance, and pharmaceutical company marketing ideas with our nationwide promotions sales and rentals that provide you with an excellent return on investment.
Giving away promotional products and advertising specialties customized with your business name and contact information is a smart and cost effective way to increase your visibility and attract new patients or subscribers. The key to getting the most from your promotional items is to choose products that people will keep and use. The more your target audience uses the product, the more ingrained your brand and services become in the clients mind. Customized advertising specialties will strengthen your brand with your target audience in addition to working to bring you new clients repeatedly.

Healthcare Marketing Agency offers a wide variety of low cost advertising specialties that people will not only enjoy, but will also keep and use. Consider giving away our custom printed and refillable bandage dispensers that hold five vinyl bandages -- this one of most popular ad specialties among our doctor's office clients. Another ad specialty for doctor's and dentist's offices that our customers have had great success with are peel-off label appointment cards. With these unique appointment cards, patients can apply the peel off appointment information directly to their calendar and still have the business card to give to a friend. Customers are sure to remember your Dentristy practice every time they brush when they use their toothbrush branded with your logo. Optometrists can consider giving away travel contact lens cases.

For our clients seeking effective health insurance marketing strategies, pocket information sliders customized with their logo, website, and contact information have proven very successful. These sliders feature tips and information on everything from child and senior health tips to information on preventing diseases and getting a good night's sleep. Our personalized pedometers are also a favorite among insurance companies as they serve as a great reminder to get out and get fit to prevent future health problems.

Our customized pillboxes are a natural ad specialty for pharmaceutical company marketing. Whether given to a doctor to pass along to patients, or given directly to patients receiving a prescription, our personalized pillboxes last for years, maximizing your return on investment. Other popular marketing products for pharmaceutical companies include personalized pens, notepads, and liquid medicine spoons.

For more doctor, health insurance, or pharmaceutical company marketing ideas, visit Promotion to look through our personalized promotional products and advertising specialties or call us today at 800-573-3111 for questions and recommendations.

One of our most exciting tools for healthcare marketing is our Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine. When the money machine is set up at a trade show booth or healthcare fair it always attract prospects like a magnet. Though you can fill the money machine with actually currency, there are many other options! Consider stocking the money machine with custom printed vouchers for services such as free checkups,chiropractic adjustments, or weight loss consultations. Specially marked coupons can also be redeemable for merchandise or for a grand prize such as a tooth whitening procedure or health spa vacation. Regardlessof how you fill the machine this crowd-pleasing machine has proven its effectiveness at drawing crowds!

People naturally gravitate to your healthcare fair booth and will linger as they watch others grab for the prize in this flurry of cash and wait for their chance. This provides you staff with the perfect opportunity tostrike up a conversation.

Whether you rent or buy our Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine, you are sure to receive an excellent return on investment. We offer a huge selection of Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machines in a wide variety of styles and designs, including inflatable money machines, soft shell money machines, hard case money machines, and inflatable slot machines. Click to learn more about our Blizzard of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machines.

For other doctor, health insurance, or pharmaceutical company marketing ideas, click to talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 today.

If you had the chance to win something that really enticed you, wouldn't you spend a few moments taking your chance to win? According to our health care marketing clients, potential clients will!

Setting up a Prize Vault is a great strategy for doctor's office marketing. Whether people visit your office or your display at the local county health fair, they'll line up for a chance at guessing the six-digit combination that will open the vault.

Prize Vaults are great promotional tools for health insurance marketing and pharmaceutical marketing companies. The best part is that you can give away a $10,000 prize with our Prize Vaults without even putting up their own money for the prize. Insured by Lloyds of London, you pay only a fraction of the $10,000 jackpot for the Prize Vault rental and to insure the winnings!

If you prefer to give away something other than many, you have the freedom to stock the Prize Vault with any incentive of your choice. You can even set a combination and run the promotion like a drawing. Consider sending a postcard to you mailing list which incentives patients to schedule an appointment during the following month. Each patient that visits gets to choose an envelope with a code inside - one of which will unlock the grand prize inside! It may be a free tooth whitening procedure, a free pair of glasses, or a full body massage. These promotions have proven wildly successful for doctor's offices throughout the country!

For other doctor, dental, hospital, pharmaceutical, or health insurance marketing ideas, click to talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 today.

Turn your next healthcare screening into an event filled with fun and excitement with our custom prize wheels. Not only will our prize wheels encourage screening attendance, you'll generate plenty of leads for your pharmaceutical, doctor, dental, optical or health insurance marketing.

Prize wheels draw a crowd at any type of health screening or event and offer great marketing for doctor's offices or any type of healthcare business. After all, who doesn't like to spin to win a free prize? Our prize wheels also work double duty when you give away our personalized promotional products customized with your name, logo, website, and contact information as prizes. Not only does this provide tons of fun at a health screening, but your promotional product giveaways also become viral marketing messages as they build your brand awareness while spreading your marketing message and acting to bring in new clients.

With bright colors and thrilling sounds as the wheel slows to a prize winning stop, our prize wheels draw always draw a crowd to any healthcare screening or event. Best of all, our prize wheels are designed to for easy portability and are virtually maintenance free.

Rent a stock prize wheel or have us customize one with specialized panels that suit your particular giveaway or theme. Our prize wheels come in a variety of sizes and styles, from our large 72" prize wheel completely customizable in a professional glossy finish to our 20.5" mini wheel with 12 customizable, interchangeable prize slots.

You have complete control over how you use our prize wheel as you choose your prizes and the panels. Consider our numbered prize wheels for repeated use without the need for customization because you just match the prize to the corresponding number. For more options, consider our customizable prize wheels with panels you can swap out to change the wheel to suit the prize or event. Click to learn more about our prize wheels.

If you want more ideas for marketing for doctor's offices, hospitals, health insurance, or pharmaceutical companies, click to talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 today.

Will your key be the one that will unlock the treasure? Everyone loves to win a prize and making a game of winning increases the excitement even more. Our treasure chest promotions offer a fun and exciting way to award someone with a valuable prize.

Fill these fun treasure chests with anything from cash to coupons, personalized products, gift certifications, and more. You fill your treasure chests so you control the booty. Ranging from large wooden pirate chests to clear Lucite treasure chests, our treasure chest promotions come with lots of keys -- bogus keys and winning keys. You simply let people choose a key and if they chose the one that will open the chest.

These treasure chests are perfect marketing for doctor's offices. Dermatologists can offer free skincare products and dentists can give away prizes such as electronic toothbrushes and whitening aids. Opticians can offer a free eye exam or pair of glasses, and podiatrists can offer a free foot checkup and pair of custom orthotics.

The patients of pediatricians love our treasure chests! When a child is presented with a winning key and gets to choose a toy from the treasure chest, they doctor becomes a fun place to go! We've heard stories of children who enjoy treasure chest promotions so much, that they ask their parents to make an appointment so they try the treasure chest again! Click to learn more about our treasure chest promotions.

If you'd like more information on doctor, hospital, vision center, hearing center, pharmaceutical company or health insurance marketing ideas, click to talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 today.

The Prize Decoder Traffic Ticket promotion is YOUR Ticket To Cutting Edge Interactive Promotional Technology!

What is the Prize Decoder Traffic Ticket Promotion? It is not a “Scratch-Off” or a “Match & Win”. The Traffic Ticket system is an electronic Interactive Promotional Technology and one of the most effective direct mail tools available. Customers, patients, or promotional event attendees insert the Prize Decoder Traffic Ticket into the Official Prize Center electronic decoder and visually see what prize they have won. Every ticket can be a guaranteed winner!

When you deliver Traffic Tickets into patients' or customers' hands or use them in a direct mail campaign, they can't wait to see what they have won. They rush to your location or business promotion event in large numbers!

For more healthcare and pharmaceutical company marketing ideas, click to talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 today.
For an inexpensive promotional idea with wide-reaching impact, consider our customizable scratch off cards. Whether you're a small medical or dental practice or a large insurance company or hospital, our scratch off cards offer an affordable and customizable solution that attracts attention.

These colorful, custom printed scratch cards have proven extremely successful at bringing new patients through the door. Because of their low cost and lightweight, these customizable scratch cards can be mass mailed to residents in the community.

Doctor and dental office patients can win free wellness checkups. Health insurance companies can offer a free quote along with a personalized tote bag. Pharmaceutical companies can offer discounts or free healthcare DVDs. As people scratch off the silver surface of our scratch cards, not only will they feel excited at their 'win,' but they will also usually take advantage of the valuable prize, bringing you new clients.

There's just something about scratch off cards that is just too tempting to ignore! People love to scratch off the silvery surface to reveal what they've won.

We will customize these high-quality scratch off cards with your name, logo, website, contact information, and specialty design. If you don't have a logo or an idea for making your scratch off cards visually stand out, our graphic designers will create a logo and design that will attract all the attention you desire. Click to learn more about our scratch off cards.

For more healthcare and pharmaceutical company marketing ideas, click to talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 today.
Toss N' Win
Plinko Boards
Your healthcare marketing event attendees will be lining up to try Toss N' Win, and compete for prizes! This fun-filled, portable, customizable game is for contestants of all ages and skills. Toss N' Win includes 6 Bean Bags and no assembly is required. Customize the 11 inserts using your own computer! We provide templates for Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Word. You create the graphics for your Toss N' Win! Visitors at your promotional event will have tons of fun trying their luck at landing the chip into a prize spot after it bounces down the Plinko board. Plinko boards are a fun way to drive people to your event and hand out product samples, brochures, logo imprinted items, customized coupons, gift certificates and memorable prizes to guests. Available in black and white.
Display N Play
Raffle Drums
This attractive and sturdy activity board is efficient for showcasing flat items and ideal for playing a variety of group games at your next health industry promotion. Showcasing with the Display N' Play is simple; just set it up and insert items into the 15 clear pockets. Easy to mount on a wall or set up with the attached metal stand, the Display & Play is convenient to transport and store.
Customizable raffle drums are sure to attract visitors to your healthcare promotional event, create excitement, and get people returning to to find out if they've won. As part of your marketing plan, mail out pre printed raffle tickets to attendees and invite them to stop by for the big drawing. No matter what the prize, our Raffle Drums add fun to any event, year after year.

Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 about using the Promotional Games in your healthcare promotions.
A time tested promotion event marketing idea for health insurance companies, doctor's offices, dentists, or pharmaceutical companies is the promotional ATM Machine. To draw a big crowd for a successful blood drive or other community healthcare event, consider our customizable ATM money machines.

Though you can give away cash with our promotional ATM money machines, these powerful healthcare marketing products can do so much more. Clients have stocked their promotional ATM money machine with gift certificates, prize vouchers, coupons, customized bills, and more.

For a successful blood drive, cancer screening, or vision testing community event, those who participate receive a customized promotional card with a magnetic strip to swipe through your ATM money machine. You can even brand the ATM card with your logo or with an ad from a sponsor.

Consider mixing real cash with other types of vouchers to really get people excited. For example, at a blood drive event, participants might win a free personalized blood platelet squeeze toy, blood drop antenna ball, or blood drop keychain, a coupon for a free massage or nutritional counseling, or a $100 bill in real cash.

Since each of our customizable ATM money machines can scroll up to eight pictures or custom messages on its 10" color monitor, they also provide a great form of marketing for health insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. This is also a great way to promote event sponsors. A captive audience sees your marketing message while waiting to see what valuable prize they receive from these fun machines.

We offer nationwide rentals as well as the ability to purchase your own ATM money machine to use year after year. Whether you rent or buy, we offer custom printing and vinyl wrapping on the ATM case to make a big promotional impact. We train you on how to install, program, and load the ATM money machines for a hassle-free event. Click to learn more about our ATM money machines.

For more great doctor, insurance company, and pharmaceutical company marketing ideas, click to talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 today.
Customized Popcorn Machines
Whether for a health fair, fundraising event, or just a party in appreciation of your patients or employees, our customized popcorn machines offer fun in a healthy snack. Ideal for marketing for doctor's offices and hospitals, no one can resist the smell of fresh, buttery popcorn.

As you scoop the warm popcorn, you can take the time to strike up a conversation, introduce new products or services, or express your appreciation. Many of history's great conversations happened over food -- it just brings people together! Impress guests at your next fundraising event with a customized popcorn machine. Talk with guests while soliciting donations and getting important information about your cause into their hands.

In addition to customized popcorn machines, we offer customized popcorn bags that help to further build brand awareness. Not only will guests, patients, employees, and attendees see your logo in the hand, they'll literally take it home with them in our personalized popcorn bags.

We offer popcorn machines for every budget, from a basic popcorn machine customized with a plaque or transfer to a custom popcorn machine that features a screen-printed logo, plastic etching, and paint that coordinates with your company color scheme. Click to learn more about our customized popcorn machines.

If you're interested in more ideas for marketing for health insurance companies, doctor's offices, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies, click to Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 today.
Ramp up the fun and drive traffic at your next healthcare fair or screening with our customizable and portable photo booth rentals for event photography. In addition to the fun and memories of your event you can offer attendees with picture taking, you can provide one of the most important services for a parent with our with our portable photo booths -- child identification photography.

Parents and guardians will constantly be reminded of your company because our photo booths print customizable pictures with your company's logo at the base of every photo strip. Because people keep and share photos year after year, the photo booth is an incredibly cost effective marketing tool for doctor's offices, hospitals, health insurance, and pharmaceutical companies.

When you rent one of our portable photo booths, you can choose from three different styles that are all customizable with your company logo and information. For traditional fun, choose our Foto fun strips booths that offer that classic photo booth style. For child identification purposes or just to offer memorable photographs for people of any age, choose our portrait style photo booths.

If you need candid photography for an elegant fundraiser, consider hiring one of our event photographers who can document your event in pictures. With digital and green screen technology and on-site printing, our event photography professionals can take posed photos in a variety of creative ways such as in front of fun backgrounds or in an antique style. We can even print the images you just snapped on mouse pads and t-shirts.

Our on-site event photographers will burn a CD with the digital images shot at your event so you can select any you'd like to print or include in your online and offline healthcare or pharmaceutical company marketing campaigns. Click to learn more about our portable photo booth rentals and event photography.

For more tips for marketing for doctor's offices, hospitals, dentists, chiropractors, vision centers, and health insurance and pharmaceutical companies, click to talk to a live representative online nowor call 800-573-3111 today.
Show Stopping Robots and Gorilla Robots
If you're looking for a unique way to attract attention to your booth at your next healthcare fair or screening, these products do the trick! Our show stopping robots and robotic gorillas always draw a crowd!

Imagine having a robot handing out your pamphlets and promotional items at your next health fair. Kids will delight as Rupert the Robot provides them with a little high-tech healthcare information. Even people who refuse a brochure from a person will happily take one from Rupert the Robot. As they leave Rupert, they'll not only have your customized information, but also a unique form of delivery that will leave a lasting impression -- an important factor of marketing for health insurance companies, doctor's offices, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies.

Rupert and his other robot friends can run for eight full hours on a full charge without a break, outlasting most humans on the same job. You can fully control our robots with a remote that resembles a coffee cup, making Rupert seem like he has a mind of his own.

Gizmo D. Robot works as a mobile advertisement for your doctor, hospital, health insurance, or pharmaceutical marketing. With bright colors and animated movements, he will attract large crowds who will also see your customized business information. With a preloaded 40-minute script, you can allow Gizmo to spread your message and interact with people practically on his own.

For the ultimate in robot attraction, consider one of our giant waving gorilla robots. Yes, giant waving gorilla robots! Available in black, hot pink, electric blue, purple, or lime green, our gorilla robots stand 6'6" tall, work indoors or outdoors, and they wave at passersby with their left hand. Made with durable steel welded frames covered with fun fur and plastic, our gorilla robots only require minor assembly and come with a 21" x 36" sign you can hang around his neck and 4" lettering to spell out your message for marketing for doctor's offices, health insurance companies, hospitals, or pharmaceuticals. Click to learn more about our show stopping robots and gorilla robots.

To use our robots for marketing for health insurance companies, doctor's offices, pharmaceutical companies, or hospitals, click to talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 today.
Opening a new wing of your hospital? Starting your own private practice? Got a new mascot for your pharmaceutical company or health insurance company? Attract the attention you need with giant marketing balloons and promotional inflatables.

It's easy for buildings to blend into the landscape, but passersby won't be able to help but notice the 20' sky dancers billowing about on top of the brand new children's wing of your hospital. Whether you need a giant tooth balloon for the roof of your new dental practice or a custom made inflatable company mascot, Healthcare Marketing Agency what you need to get noticed and build your business.

We offer a huge selection of traditional promotional inflatables such as hot-air balloons and giant gorillas, all imprinted with your company logo. For something special, we can also build a custom inflatable, whether your company mascot, a 3-D inflatable of your company logo, or any other type of shape or image you can imagine.

Draw attention affordably for hospital, doctor, pharmaceutical, or health insurance marketing with promotional inflatable balloons. Click to learn more about our giant marketing balloons and promotional inflatables.

For more information on using our inflatables for marketing for doctor's offices, optometrists, chiropractic centers, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and health insurance companies, click to talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 today.
When you need a fun way to draw both children and adults to your office or healthcare event, think games! Gamers of all ages love the ultimate in video games -- Pac Man! Whether you want to provide some waiting room fun, start a little friendly competition at your next fundraising event, or just offer an attraction to your booth at a healthcare fair, our 25th limited edition Pac Man video game attraction will draw people like a magnet to enjoy six thrilling games.

While people wait their turn at Pac Man, you have a captive audience for your doctor's office, hospital, health insurance, or pharmaceutical company marketing messages. When presenting at your next health care trade show or community event, this captive audience offers your team a chance to strike up conversations, spread your marketing message, hand out promotional products, and even do a little fundraising for your special healthcare charities.

As gamers naturally bring energy and enthusiasm, you'll dissolve communication barriers as everyone joins in for a good time. Our 25th limited edition Pac Man video game resembles the traditional game of the 1980s that has captured the hearts of millions throughout the years.

This video game system also comes with two additional games from the past, Ms. Pac Man and Galaga. In addition, it contains three updated 21st century games, Speedy Pac Man, Speedy Ms. Pac Man, and Rapid Fire Galaga. Available for sale or rent, these six games in a tabletop unit that only requires a standard three-prong outlet will bring tons of fun and crowds of people to your office or healthcare event. Click to learn more about our video game attractions.

We have a huge selectiong of pharmaceutical company marketing ideas along with ideas for promoting doctor's offices, hospitals, and health insurance companies. Click to Talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 today.
The “Cha-Ching!” Slot Machine
For an exciting fundraiser, consider a casino night featuring our customizable promotional slot machines. Our promotional slot machines offer all of the bells and whistles of a traditional slot machine -- but are modified so that they dispense special vouchers instead of cash.

Since our slot machines don't involve using real cash, you don't need any special licenses or permits. You can raise the spirits of your guests while raising money for your healthcare cause with our customizable slot machines.

One of the coolest things about our promotional slot machines is that you can choose the prizes you distribute, the odds players have of winning, and even the images that go on the reels. Whether you offer your personalized promotional items, vouchers that go toward the purchase of your products or services, gift certificates, or cash prize giveaways, one thing is sure -- your fundraising donations will go through the roof as people show their appreciation for hosting such a fun event. Click to learn more about our Cha-Ching! Slot machine and other promotional slot machines.

When you need ideas for marketing for health insurance companies, doctor's offices, hospitals, or pharmaceutical companies -- think Healthcare Marketing Agency! Click to talk to a live representative online now or call 800-573-3111 today.

Find Out More About Our Healthcare Promotions

Personalized Promotional Products And Advertising Specialties - Make it simple for people to remember you with promotional products personalized with your name, logo, website, and contact information.

The Blizzard Of Dollars Cash Cube Money Machine - Jump-start the excitement for your healthcare business with a flurry of real cash or custom printed 'dollars.'

The Prize Vault - Imagine the thrill of giving away a $10,000 prize to someone guessing the six-digit combination to our Prize Vault without fronting the prize money thanks to the winning being insured by Lloyds of London.

Custom Prize Wheels - Raise awareness for your healthcare business or cause while giving away prizes with our custom prize wheels.

Customizable ATM Money Machines - A fantastic marketing tool for your next blood drive, cancer screening, community event, or fundraiser than a customizable ATM Money Machine that offers cardholders the option to win big.

Customizable Scratch Off Cards - Effective and incredibly affordable, our scratch off cards offer the temptation of a prize and awareness for your healthcare business or cause.

Customized Popcorn Machines - Draw crowds with the smell of warm tasty popcorn at your next fundraiser or healthcare event with our customized popcorn machines.

Portable Photo Booth Rentals And Event Photography - Capture fun memories or create child identification cards at your next healthcare fair with our portable photo booth rentals or pictures of your next elegant fundraising gala with our event photography service.

Treasure Chest Promotions - What could be more thrilling for patients than choosing the key that opens a treasure chest of healthcare goodies? Our fun treasure chests have kids asking to return to the doctor to pick a prize!

Show Stopping Robots And Gorilla Robots - Attract attention to your office, hospital, or health insurance or pharmaceutical building with these unique and captivating robots!

Giant Marketing Balloons And Promotional Inflatables - Whether you're opening a new practice or want a customized inflatable of your company logo or mascot, we have just the balloons and inflatables that will work for your healthcare related business.

Video Game Attractions - Pac Man -- fun for everyone and a great marketing tool for any doctor's office, hospital, health insurance company, or pharmaceutical company.

The Cha-Ching! Slot Machine - Organize a casino night health care fundraiser! Entertain your guests while raising the funds you need for your health care organization.

With experience marketing for doctor's offices, hospitals, health insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies, Healthcare Marketing Agency can help you accomplish your marketing goals with a high return on your investment.

Call us toll free today at 800-573-3111 or fill out our simple online contact form to discuss how we can help you with doctor, hospital, health insurance company, or pharmaceutical company marketing. We serve healthcare clients nationwide and have locations all across the United States. We have the experience to create healthcare promotions that deliver the results you need.

Our Online Catalog has over 750,000 promotional & advertising products that can be imprinted with your company logo and company information.

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